The rules and regulations shall be binding on all the students. this may be changed without prior intimation to the students

        Code of Conduct, disobedience misbehavior, absenteeism or violating the common campus rules may barr the student from the academy.

        Fees once paid is not refundable or transferrable for any reason under any circumstance.

        Requests for leave wiil not be granted unless an emergency situation arises.

        Academy is not responsible for any kind of injury during training & practical.

        Students caught smoking in the campus or with any intoxicants may be subjected to temporary/permanant suspension from campus.

        Mobile phones are not allowed in the campus.

        The cost of damage to the property of the academy will be borne by the individual trainee or the whole batch.

        After admission, original certificates will be retained by the academy.

        In case of any disputes, director’s decision will be final.

        All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of varanasi only.

R.S.W. Maritime Academy : Rules & Regulations For Hostel

         Students would be allotted seat in the Hostel on a sharing basis.

         Academy administration reserves the right to shift your hostel accommodation anywhere without any prior information to you depending upon circumstances.

         No students can change room or furniture without obtaining permission from the administration.

         No guest/relative are permitted to stay in the hostel. No request on this account will be entertained.

         The hostel main gate will be closed at 8:30 P.M. Those who come late will not be allowed to enter unless they show their permission letter to stay out side or with valid cause for getting delayed.

         Student going out from the hostel for any reason will have to sign a register kept at a main gate & both in and out timing are to be indicate against their names.

         For organizing any type of function in the hostel a prior approval from administration is compulsory.

         Ragging is Strictly Prohibited.

         Consumption of liquor & drugs in the hostel premises is strictly Prohibited, Students found in such activities will be expelled from hostel.

         Students are advised not to keep extra cash in their room. The Administration holds no responsibility or liability in the event of loss.

         Inspection of hostel room can be carried out by the management at any time whenever it so desires.

         Students will have to take their meals in common hall. They are also required to remain dressed.

         Students going on leaves are required to inform Administration on & take the approval.

         Administration reserves the right to expel you from the hostel at any type of misconduct without assigning any reasons without any prior information.